Chapter 14: Fit to Print

An Overview of Papers & Printing

Fit to Print: White Space is Not Your Enemy Chapter 14

Chapter Outline

  • Plan ahead for printing: choosing paper

  • Types of printing & printers

  • Get a printing estimate

  • Prepare your document for printing

  • What to give the printer: a checklist

  • Now what?

  • Other things your printer can do

  • Try this

Keywords | Vocabulary

  • Offset printing, commercial & Web
  • Paper: coated, uncoated & specialty
  • Press check
  • Variable data printing (VDP)

Related Assets

Yes, students still do need to know something about papers, printing and binding. Our favorite books on the subject are out of print so we encapsulate the important stuff in this chapter.

Key Student Takeaways

  1. Decisions about paper and printing hinge on three things: objective, concept and budget.
  2. Paper decisions hinge on function as well as appearance and hand. You can’t make a pocket folder out of copy paper.
  3. When it comes to printing there are speed, quality and price. Pick any two.
  4. Types of printing and printers include:
  • Printing in-house.
  • Quick printers.
  • Commercial/offset.
  • Web offset.
  • Digital printing.
  1. Proof your document (then proof it again) before sending to the printer. Changes made once the document is in the hands of the printer are costly.
  2. Give your printer a) a print-quality PDF or b) a package including the native file, all visuals used in proper resolution, size and format and every font you used in the design.
  3. When the printer gives you a proof, check for typos, text positioning, correct fonts, folios, photos/visuals/images, margins, spot colors and specialty items/requests.

Quiz Questions

The 5-minute Motivation to Read Quiz

Share three things you learned from the reading. Be specific.

Short Answer Quiz Questions

Discuss some of the considerations facing a designer who is specifying paper for a print project.

Fold and label this piece of paper into one of the following (your choice):

  • Accordion fold
  • French fold
  • Gatefold
  • Double parallel fold
  • Rolling fold

Imagine you have designed your own graduation announcement. What kind of printer will you use to print those announcements and why that choice? What information does that printer need to quote the job? Specify your graduation announcement for printing estimates.

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions

When it comes to printing,

  1. The four factors are: objective, concept, budget and weight
  2. Pick any two: paper, ink and binding
  3. The four factors are: paper, ink, binding and software
  4. Pick any two: speed, quality and price

Identify the type of binding on White Space Is Not Your Enemy.

  1. Saddle
  2. Velo
  3. Perfect
  4. Drilled

The checklist of what to give the printer includes:

  1. Electronic copy, hardcopy mockup, contact info, rolls of the specified paper(s)
  2. Electronic copy, hardcopy mockup, all the fonts, all the visuals, contact info
  3. Electronic copy, all the visuals, contact info, rolls of the specified paper(s)
  4. Electronic copy, all the fonts, contact info, rolls of the specified paper(s)

If you set up a press check,

  1. Be a gracious guest while you check paper, registration, inks, etc.
  2. Be a gracious host while you check paper, registration, inks, etc.
  3. Schedule a time convenient for your boss or client and be on hand to field questions
  4. Schedule a time that works with shipping pickup and delivery and be on hand to field questions