Typesetting Exercise: Menu Design

Assignment Overview:

Covers Chapter(s): 7 & Logo Design special Section

Concepts: Type selection, page hierarchy, leading, tracking, kerning, tabs and tab leaders, punctuation, page interpolation. If using InDesign: paragraph styles, character styles.

Requisite Skills: Basic page layout

Assignment Details

The Menu Design project is the end product of a multi-week unit on typesetting and logo design. The assignment was designed as an individual student assignment requiring submission of thumbnail sketches, presentation of a draft in a gallery session and completion of a final draft incorporating feedback.

One lab session was devoted to the basics of logo design. Logos student created during this lab were used in their menu designs.

Downloadable Assets

Student Assignment Sheet with project checklist and criteria for grading

Menu text in .rtf format (zip archive)

Example of a completed final project in PDF format

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