Design Intro & WET Layout: Ad Re-Design

Assignment Overview:

Covers Chapter(s): 2 (research and brainstorming), 3 (WET Layout) & 4 (Layout Sins)

Concepts: Thumbnail sketching, basic layout skills, the Works-Every-Time layout, amateur layout errors to avoid.

Requisite Skills: Basic page layout

Assignment Details

Beginning design students always want to jump right into using the software. This assignment is designed to get them working with software and developing good design habits in a small, manageable project. Requiring students to use the Works-Every-Time layout gives them a “place to start” and a sense of design direction before they have had a chance to do the deep-dive into the composition and typesetting skills they will cover later in the semester.

The Ad Design project is designed as the first major assignment of the semester, and follows an introductory week of Photoshop and InDesign 101. This is assigned as an individual student project, and requires submission of thumbnail sketches, presentation of a draft in a gallery session and completion of a final draft incorporating feedback.

Downloadable Assets

Ad Re-Design Assignment Sheet with project checklist and criteria for grading (PDF)

Assets file including text, including text and images (Zip File)

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